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Hi everyone and welcome to Shaw-Review.com 🙂

As our site title says, our goal here is to provide you with in-depth reviews about popular products online that we think many people are interested in but can’t decide if they are really worth their money or not.

Unfortunately, the main reason for that is the fact that these days there are too many fake reviews online which make it difficult to decide if a product is really for you or not.

This is why we decided to dedicate our home page for few useful tips and advice that will help you to understand better if a review that you have seen online is fake or real.

That way you can ignore the fake reviews and only read the ones that are real and give you good information. It would simply be a waste of time to depend on those types of reviews to give you good and honest feedback about the item.

So, what are the best ways to know if reviews online are real or fake?

Well, the first thing you can do to tell the difference in the reviews is if the reviewer has only reviewed that one item and their review is extreme. Although it could be true that it is just someone very unhappy with their service, it could also be a fake review. It is important to take those types of reviews with a grain of salt just in case they are not real reviews.

Most reviews will be written by people who like to review things. Although it is possible that someone is new to doing that and you caught their first review, in most cases people have reviewed more than one item.

Another way to tell is if the reviewer has left a lot of the same types or reviews on similar products. Most people don’t buy a lot of the same types of things and then leave reviews for them. If you see someone who has done that most likely they are not leaving real reviews. If all of the reviews are exactly the same even though they are with different products, that should be a big red flag that it is a fake review.

If a review is fake, the reviewer might use bigger words in their review. These words might seem out-of-place and in some cases they won’t even make sense. The reviews have only been written so that the words are picked up by search engines so they need to be big and lengthy. If someone is writing a review for the product they bought, they probably are not going to write like that.

the pros and consOne more way to understand that a review is fake is if the reviewer mentioned only pros and didn’t describe any con. Every product has its strong and weak points so this is not possible to see a review without any cons at all.

Of course, if you also find a website that provides only positive reviews and always give 5/5 or 10/10 scores for every product that was reviewed, then this is also a good sign that these are fake reviews.

If you are reading a review and something seems off about it, it could be that it isn’t real. You should trust yourself and if you feel that is the case, read the next review instead. You don’t need to spend extra time trying to figure it out if you really feel it is not a real review.

Sometimes we can just tell that something isn’t right when we read it. If you have read a lot of reviews in the past you should be very good at spotting the fake ones. You can also run it by a friend to see if they feel the same way that you do when they read it.

Whenever you are going to read reviews for an item you would like to purchase it is a good idea to look at good ones and bad ones. It can give you an overall sense of the product and what people think about it. If you do come across a product that has almost all bad reviews and one good one, it could be possible that the good one is fake. Either way, it is best to keep going and look for a different product.

Some sites that you will visit are good about finding the fake reviews and deleting them before many people have a chance to see them. If you are on a site like that you have a good chance of never coming across a fake review. That is something to keep in mind as you are looking for more information about the product. It might be a good idea to just stick to those review sites.

You might wonder why people would take the time to write a fake review and it just depends on the person and what their goal is. Some companies might pay people to do so and others are looking to get their own links out into the internet by using reviews. In the case of a company offering a product for review, the reviewer should be letting the readers know that is the case in the review.

When you are really trying to find out as much information on certain products as you can, it is a good idea to be very aware of the fake review. Know what reviews would be real and which ones wouldn’t be to get the right information. If you do spot a fake review it might be a good idea to notify the website you are on so that they can look into and delete it if it isn’t a real review.

If people work together it is easier to get rid of spam and fake things that fill up the internet. It is just a matter of knowing what to look for and when to contact people about it. If you learn what you can about the differences in fake and real reviews you can be one of the people who can help the internet become a better place…

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Final words

feedbackWe hope that the in-depth reviews which we publish here at Shaw-Review.com will help you to make the right decisions. For any question or concern on any of the products that you will find here you can feel free to contact us.

P.S – you can also check the “our tips” section above for more important tips that will help you to stay safe and be a better consumer when shopping online.

Enjoy your time here and all the best!

The Shaw-Review team