20/20 Vision System By James Begay – Complete Review

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James Begay

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On December 12, 2015
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This review of the 20/20 Vision System explains everything about this natural vision correction program by James Begay and provides explanations about its main pros and cons.

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20 20 Vision SystemHello friend and welcome!

Below you’ll find our complete review of the 20/20 Vision System by James Begay.

As usual, we will start with a general overview of the 20/20 Vision System, continue with details regarding its main advantages and disadvantages, and in the last sentences summarize everything that we feel will help you decide if James Begay’s vision correction program is really the right solution for you.

In case you have any additional question concerning the 20/20 Vision System, feel free to contact us and we will try to help…

Now, let’s begin 🙂

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General Overview Of The 20/20 Vision System

Quick Summary

Name: 20/20 Vision System

Creator: James Begay

Format: Downloadable guide

Refund Guarantee: 60 days refund policy

Official Site: 2020visionsystem.com

Our Overall Rating: 3.7/5

There is no denying that people lose their vision slowly with time. There are also a number of people suffering from farsightedness and shortsightedness even at a very young age. However, when they visit their doctor, they are usually prescribed more powerful glasses or contacts after taking a few vision tests.

When glasses and contacts stop working, doctors usually recommend costly laser eye surgery. However, laser eye surgery has a number of side effects, and in some cases, people have even lost their vision completely after the surgery.

Because of those reasons, more and more people with vision problems today try to find a natural solution that will help them restore their vision without any surgery.

The 20/20 Vision System is a vision restoration program that was designed with all of those people in mind.

In simple terms, this system offers a natural vision restoration remedy that is based on specific methods used by the Najavo people for a long time. The system promises to help people with eyesight problems get crystal clear 20/20 vision in less than three weeks…

The Background Story

James Begay, the creator of the 20/20 Vision System, says that he comes from a long line of Navajo people. His family move to big cities around three generations ago and lost contact with the tribe. Though he lost touch with his people, he kept the family tradition of hunting alive. He used to go hunting with his father as it’s not just a family tradition, but it was also a time to bond with his him.

James explains he was already suffering from myopia and he used to be called squinter by his co-workers as he could not read unless the paper was just 2 inches away from his eyes. He has been nearsighted, but with time his myopia worsened.

One day he went hunting with his father and accidentally shot him due to his nearsightedness. Thankfully, his father was safe as the bullet missed all the major arteries, but he decided to do something about his eyesight.

So, he went to the doctor and got prescription glasses. He was assured by the doctor that if he used them all the time, his vision won’t get worse. However, he started getting acute headaches in the first week he wore glasses. So, he went back to the doctor and was prescribed monthly lenses.

After some time, James Begay accidentally rinsed the lenses in tap water and got a bacterial infection in his eyes. So, after getting rid of the lenses, he had to go back to glasses but the glasses were now useless.

His doctor recommended laser surgery, but after researching the subject, he found many side effects experienced by people who had already undergone this kind of surgery. James says he read about many people experienced sensitivity to light, constant itchiness, unbearable pains, damaged cornea and horrible infections after laser surgery and therefore it was out of consideration.

Mr. Begay explains that he became depressed, until the day his grandfather told him that he was going to get his vision back within the next few days.

His grandfather gave him a “secret tasty drink” each morning and told him to follow specific eye exercise for a few minutes each day.

James says he could not see any improvement in the first 2 to 3 days, but he decided to go ahead with it as his vision couldn’t get worse. After a few days, James put on the glasses as was his habit when he woke up and suddenly, he could not see anything. So, he took off his glasses and was surprised to see clearly.

This is, in short, how the 20/20 Vision System was born…

How Does the 20/20 Vision System Work?

The whole system consists of a combination of some simple eye exercises that are easy to do, and a drink that you have to make and take which is based on a “secret formula”. The ingredients for the drink can be easily found in any natural food store or supermarket, and it will take you less than 15 min each day to do everything.

James Begay explains that the system has been designed to reverse farsightedness as well as nearsightedness permanently, and it is also claimed to work for people of all ages…

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The Main Pros And Cons Of The 20/20 Vision System

2020 Vision System review


The Things We Liked


  • The 20/20 Vision System offers a completely natural approach that does not have any risky side effects.
  • The guide explains everything in a step-by-step manner, and you won’t feel overwhelmed by the information provided inside.
  • It takes less than 15 min in a day to do the exercises and prepare the special drink.
  • It can help you in improving the standard of your life and it can also help you in saving money, as you don’t have to spend on eyeglasses or contacts ever again.
  • 60-Day money back guarantee is provided by James Begay. This lets you try his system completely risk-free…


Potential Drawbacks


  • There is a lot of marketing hype around the 20/20 Vision System online. Although it is very possible to see improvements by following this program, don’t believe to all of these claims of “100% guaranteed results”!
  • While this can work for farsightedness and nearsightedness, it does not work on other problems such as cataract.
  • This program is available only online which means that people who don’t use computers or are not connected to the Internet won’t be able to benefit from it.
  • It seems that the customer support of the 20/20 Vision System support team is pretty slow, and some users reported that it took 4-6 days for their support tickets to be answered…

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Conclusions And Final Thoughts

James Begay 2020 Vision

Overall, there are many things to like about the 20/20 Vision System, and if you believe to James Begay’s claims, this system has been successfully tried by over 28,000 people so far and most of them have been able to restore their vision after following the instructions provided inside.

While we do believe that this system can truly help many people to improve their vision naturally, we decided to give it a relatively low rating because of one important reason: There is simply a lot of marketing hype and exaggerated claims that surround this system.

Seriously, saying that the 20/20 Vision System can give “anyone who uses it a crystal clear 20/20 vision, in less than 3 weeks” is far from the truth.

After all, we are all different and something that will work for one of us will not necessarily work the same way for others. This is why we will recommend everyone that considers trying the 20/20 Vision System to have realistic expectations and to understand that this in not some kind of “magic pill” which provides guaranteed results.

No, we are not saying that you should not try the 20/20 Vision System no matter what. However, we will recommend you approaching this system with the right attitude and understand that there is a chance it will take you more than 3 weeks to see real results when following this program…

To sum it up: considering that it takes less than 15 minutes a day to follow the 20/20 Vision System, we will recommend people that suffer from nearsightedness or farsightedness to give James Begay’s program a try for around 3 weeks.

If during this period you feel that this system does not work for, simply contact the 20/20 Vision System support team and ask for your money back. This way you will have really nothing to lose…

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Other Interesting Stuff Regarding The 20/20 Vision System:
    1. A video with some animated eye exercises that can help you improve your vision naturally.