All-Belly Pregnancy By Flavia Del Monte – Complete Review

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Flavia Del Monte

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On December 4, 2015
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This review of the All-Belly Pregnancy system by Flavia Del Monte explains everything about this fitness program for women and its pros and cons.

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All-Belly PregnancyHey ladies and welcome!

Below you will find our complete review of the All-Belly Pregnancy program by Flavia Del Monte.

As usual, we will get started with a general overview of the All-Belly Pregnancy package, continue with explanations about its main advantages and disadvantages, and in the final section will sum up everything which we feel can help you decide if Flavia Del Monte’s fitness system is truly the best solution for you.

If you have any additional questions regarding the All-Belly Pregnancy program after reading our review, feel free to get in touch and we will try to help…

Now, let’s begin 🙂

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General Overview Of The All-Belly Pregnancy Program

Quick Summary

Name: All-Belly Pregnancy 

Creator: Flavia Del Monte

Format: Downloadable videos and guides

Refund Guarantee: 60 days refund policy

Official Site:

Our Overall Rating: 4.6/5

In simple words, “All Belly Pregnancy” is a workout program that was designed specifically for pregnant women who want to keep off excess weight during pregnancy and to help their baby be healthy at the same time. This program was created by Flavia Del Monte, a famous nutritionist, a registered nurse and a personal trainer that has been featured in tons of fitness magazines and TV shows in the last several years.

In general, the All-Belly Pregnancy program consists of a variety of workout videos, which allow you to work out along with Flavia Del Monte and her team. This is a very motivating way to train, and if you’ve ever tried the ‘P90X’ style of workout, you’ll already have some idea of what to expect.

Besides the main workout videos, you’ll receive a detailed workout guide in the form of a PDF ebook, which supports the training videos and gives you additional background information on each exercise. What’s more, you’ll be given a highly useful printable workout sheet which allows you to track your progress with each workout. Of course, tracking your improvement is very motivating, and it’s really inspiring to see your performance improve each week.

However, Flavia Del Monte explains that staying in shape throughout your pregnancy isn’t just about working out. Your nutrition will play a key part in staying strong and healthy, while also supporting the needs of your baby.

With this in mind, you’ll also receive the ‘what to eat when expecting’ guide, which is a useful supplemental eBook that guides you towards the best food choices while you’re pregnant. This guide also recommends a few supplements and vitamins, which are totally safe to take during pregnancy.

These are the main things that Flavia Del Monte offers in the All Belly Pregnancy package. Now, let’s take a look at the main pros and cons of her fitness system…

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The Main Pros And Cons Of “All-Belly Pregnancy”

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The Things We Liked


It’s A Wonderfully Constructed Program

Finding effective training programs for women who wish to maintain their physique during pregnancy is not an easy task. Fortunately, the All-Belly Pregnancy system was designed especially with these women in mind, and by giving you a comprehensive package of video training sessions to follow, combined with the supporting nutritional guidelines, Flavia has developed a complete training program that leaves no stone unturned when it comes to guiding you through every step of your journey.

 Unique Workouts That Never Get Boring

One of the biggest difficulties for most women who are training throughout their pregnancy is ‘workout boredom’.

Of course, because pregnancy restricts some of your physical activity you’re capable of performing, it’s all too easy to become tired of the same workouts – day in, day out. Fortunately, the All-Belly Pregnancy system gives you some fantastic variety.

For example, each of your three trimesters provides 3 unique workouts – which totals 9 individual video workouts. This goes a long way towards keeping you engaged and challenged throughout the process, so you certainly won’t be feeling bored at all.

The System Is Backed By Real Science

As a pregnant woman, it’s safe to say that your biggest priority in life is looking after your health and the health of your baby. Obviously, this can lead to you being concerned about the risks of exercise during pregnancy. The goods news is that Flavia has thoroughly researched and compiled her system into simple and safe steps – none of which pose any danger to your baby at all.

This is a crucial consideration, because you can’t just follow ‘any old training routine’ while you’re pregnant!

In other words, probably the biggest advantage of the All Belly Pregnancy Workout program is that it gives you peace of mind, and allow you to  get the results you’re looking for, without harming your unborn child.

Additionally, it is important mention again that Flavia Del Monte is a fully qualified nutritionist and an exercise instructor, so we believe you can have great confidence in the advice she offers.

The Nutrition Guide Is Simply Great

Another great aspect of this program is the nutritional guide that comes with the package. While this is somewhat ‘supplemental’ to the main course, there’s no denying the usefulness it adds to the overall deal. This guide will inform you of all the vitamins and minerals you’ll need throughout pregnancy, as well as provide you with excellent advice for fueling your workouts and minimizing excess fat gain.

What’s more, the guide explains all of your cravings in great detail. Essentially, it covers virtually every craving you’re likely to have, along with the hidden signs these may be giving you in regards to your nutritional requirements. This kind of information is truly invaluable, and you’ll be delighted by some of the insight this gives you into your own, personal pregnancy experience.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee Is In Place

As with other products by Flavia Del Monte, the All-Belly Pregnancy program is offered with a 60-day money back guarantee. This can give you a peace of mind, knowing that if for any reason this workout program won’t help you at all, you can get all of your money back…


Potential Drawbacks


It Can Be A Little Overwhelming

The first thing you’ll notice when you receive the All-Belly Pregnancy program is how comprehensive it is. While this is ultimately one of the great strengths of the program, there’s no denying that it can be a little overwhelming at first, and can actually be a con for some women.

Fortunately, the program does come with a simple ‘quick start’ guide, so you’ll know how to correctly use the system from the beginning. However, if you’re looking for something basic and simple like your standard ‘aerobics video’, this may not be for you.

It Requires Some Dedication

While Flavia Del Monte has certainly made the course as easy and straightforward as possible, it obviously still requires a certain time investment to get the best results.

Don’t get us wrong, even if you can’t commit to the program fully, you’re still likely to achieve impressive results. However, we must admit that if you really want to get the most from it, you’ll need to schedule some time each day to follow along with Flavia’s training plan. This can be difficult to manage for some women.

Only Digital Version Is Available For Now

The All-Belly Pregnancy program comes in a downloadable edition and you will get immediate access to all the material that Flavia offers after your purchase.

Unfortunately, if you are looking for a physical edition of the program, there is none for now…
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Conclusions And Final Thoughts

the All-Belly Pregnancy program

Overall, it’s safe to say that the All-Belly Pregnancy Workout program is one of the top fitness systems for pregnant women out there, especially for women who already have an ongoing commitment to health and exercise, and wish to maintain their passion throughout their pregnancy.

Ultimately, the All-Belly Pregnancy takes into account all of the necessary precautions, while still delivering a fantastic system for staying in shape, and we really feel that Flavia did a great job here.

Yes, the All-Belly Pregnancy program has some cons, and we would be really happy to see a physical version of this system offered in the future. However, considering its very reasonable price, high-quality videos, unique workouts and fantastic nutrition guide, there is no doubt that the All-Belly Pregnancy program offers a fantastic value for the money.

What’s more, Flavia offers a full money back guarantee, so we feel that there is really nothing to lose when giving her All-Belly Pregnancy system a try…

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