Blackout: Surviving The Aftermath Program – Full Review

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Anthony Baker

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On May 19, 2017
Last modified:May 19, 2017


Check our review of the Blackout: Surviving The Aftermath program by Anthony Baker and learn all about this survival guide and its pros and cons…

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Blackout Surviving The AftermathHey friend and welcome!

Below you will find our full review of the Blackout: Surviving The Aftermath program by Anthony Baker.

For your convenience, we will start with a general overview and details, continue with an in-depth section about the main pros and cons, and in the last sentences sum up everything that we believe you should remember when making a final decision about Anthony Baker’s survival guide…

Let’s start 🙂

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General Overview Of The Blackout: Surviving The Aftermath Program

Quick Summary

Name: Blackout: Surviving The Aftermath

Creator: Anthony Baker

Format: Downloadable guides

Refund Guarantee: 60-day refund policy

Official Site:

Our Overall Rating: 4.1/5

Created by Anthony Baker, a devout Christian and a seasoned survivalist, “Blackout: Surviving The Aftermath” is a comprehensive guide that contains exclusive and detailed information that will show you how to survive and thrive after an EMP attack or other survival situations imaginable. This prepping and survival guide is supposedly a collection of the wisdom of native people, engineers, scientists, and physicists from all around the world.

According to Anthony, the Second Coming will happen soon based on the prophecy in the Bible. This would cause great chaos, including terrorist attacks. In fact, the Antichrist has already walked among us in the form of Hitler, Khadafi, Sadam, and Kim Jong-il. Anthony says that this is exactly why he created this guide: to help people prepare for this unholy terror.

Here are a few examples of what you’ll learn in the Blackout: Surviving The Aftermath manual:

How to put together a bug-out bag that contains all the items you’ll need to survive.

How you should prepare before an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) or nuclear HEMP attack happens.

What you can do in case your loved one or another person is sick, hurt, or has been bitten by poisonous snakes or insects.

Different ways to protect your electronic appliances and gadgets from the damaging effects of an EMP attack.

An introduction to Faraday Cage.

How to find clean sources of water and how to cook nutrient-packed foods, even in urban settings.

DIY self-defense weapons and tips on securing your property to avoid detection by the enemy.

Surprising strategies to protect yourself and your loved ones.

How to effectively prepare your children for any disaster, and much more…

It is important to mention that The Blackout: Surviving The Aftermath program also contains the following bonus items:

1. The Post-Apocalyptic Rx Survival Guide

This guide will tell you exactly how to treat post-disaster health issues, even if you’re unable to get hold of traditional medicines or don’t have the necessary skills. You’ll learn to create natural remedies using things that you find in your environment.

2. The Essential Guide to Bartering

With this guide, you’ll know what to say and do at the right times to get the resources you and your family need. You’ll also learn different work skills and tips on how to protect your stockpile from dangerous outsiders.

3. The Must-Have Guide to Living Through Nuclear, Cybernetic, and BioChem Attacks

After going through this guide, you’re going to be armed with the important survival skills and knowledge to help you and your loved ones make it through a terrorist attack. More specifically, this will teach you the following things:

•    How to prepare your home in case there’s a radiation or chemical attack
•    What you should do immediately after an attack
•    What medications you need to have in your first aid kit
•    How to look for safe sources of food and water.

4. You will also get exclusive access to the Patriot’s Only Members’ Area and dedicated customer service support…

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The Main Pros And Cons Of Blackout: Surviving The Aftermath

Blackout Surviving The Aftermath review


The Things We Liked


It’s a Useful Prepping and Survival Guide

Blackout: Surviving The Aftermath contains a lot of information that you need to know to effectively prepare for any disaster, whether it’s a disaster based on a Biblical prophecy or not. This will also equip people, especially those who are new to prepping, everything they need to prepare and survive almost all types of disasters.

You Can Use It For Any Situation

You don’t have to wait for the end of the world or a terrorist attack to put this guide to good use. For instance, if you live in a bad neighborhood, you can use Anthony Baker’s strategies to secure your home and your family from potential intruders.

It Will Teach You Important First Aid Skills and Home Remedies

This is one of the things we really like about “Blackout: Surviving The Aftermath”. With the information that Anthony Baker provides inside the guide, you will learn how to treat diseases and injuries using the things you naturally find in your environment. You can use this knowledge and skill everywhere and in any situation or activity.

It’s Easy to Understand by Anyone

Anthony gave detailed instructions and explanations. He used a simple language, so anyone could grasp everything easily. We’re confident that even newbies or younger people would be able to understand and implement the methods shared in this guide without problems.

Anthony Provides a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

You have two months to decide if this guide is what you need. If you think the information in the Blackout: Surviving The Aftermath program is useless for you, just email Anthony in the Members’ Only area to recover every penny you spent…


Potential Drawbacks


No One Knows When This Biblical Prophecy Will Happen

No person in this world could tell the exact date and time of this Biblical prophecy Anthony is talking about. It might never even happen in your lifetime. However, we’re not saying you shouldn’t prepare for man-made or natural disasters. You should.

Non-Religious or Non-Christians May Not Like It

As a devout Christian, Anthony can’t help but mention Biblical stuff in this guide. Nonbelievers, perhaps like you, might not appreciate this.

It’s an Electronic Product

The “Blackout: Surviving The Aftermath” guide is available as an eBook, which is the common format of most books sold online. If you prefer leafing through a print book or have a slow internet connection, then your only option is to print a copy yourself…

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Conclusions And Final Thoughts

Anthony Baker Blackout Surviving The Aftermath

“Blackout: Surviving The Aftermath” is obviously not the only survival guide online. That’s why we understand the difficulties of choosing the best one for your needs. Fortunately, Anthony backed this up with a two-month refund guarantee, so you can go through all the material feeling confident that you’ll get your money if you don’t like this guide.

Regarding the price, it’s not dirt cheap, but you can save up for it. We believe it’s a worthy investment because of the promised benefits. Honestly, how much will you pay for something that will help you prepare and survive almost any disaster and protect your family from danger?

<u>Bottom line:</u> If you don’t believe in the Biblical prophecy regarding the end of the world, if you want in-person survival training, or if you’re already confident with your skills and knowledge on prepping, then the “Blackout: Surviving The Aftermath” guide might not be for you.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to be caught unprepared when a disaster strikes, if you think the Second Coming is coming soon or has already started (as what Anthony claims), or if you’re new to prepping and looking for an easy to follow guide, then the Blackout: Surviving The Aftermath program is a great option for you…

Well, that’s all for this review today. We hope we gave you enough information to help you make a wise decision.

All the best 🙂

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