Diet And Weight Loss

Fat Burning Fingerprint By Watson And Eric – Full Review

Fat Burning Fingerprint

Created by Eric, a 44-year-old dad who used to be overweight, and Gary Watson, an experienced Kinesiologist and Total Body Transformation expert, “Fat Burning Fingerprint” is a comprehensive weight loss guide that was designed to help you lose fifteen pounds or more of weight by discovering your unique metabolic type, most favorable eating window, and unlocking the power of your seven fat-burning hormones...

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The Youth Method 14 Day Diet Detox By Erin – Full Review

14 Day Diet Detox

Created by Erin Nielsen, a 42-year-old fat loss and anti-aging specialist, Physical Therapist (PT), and Certified Health Coach (CHC), “The Youth Method” (also known as the “The Youth Method 14 Day Diet Detox”) is an easy to follow guide that shares a certain “genetic reset method” that will enable you to look years younger, lose up to 15 pounds, and lose as much as 4 inches of belly fat in just 14 days without the need to starve yourself...

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Wine For Weight Loss Book By Carl Moore – Complete Review

Wine For Weight Loss

Created by Carl Moore, a 52-year-old call center agent from Polebridge, Montana, “Wine For Weight Loss” is a user-friendly guide that focuses on specific foods and minerals that if consume in specific proportions and combinations can help your body burn more fats naturally and safely. According to Carl, he used to struggle with his weight until he found a research by Oregon State University, which focused on ellagic acid - a type of antioxidant that’s present in some foods and drinks we consume...

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Yoga Burn For Women By Zoe Bray Cotton – Detailed Review

Yoga Burn

“Yoga Burn” is an easy to follow, 12-week video based yoga program that was specially designed and tailored for women. This program was created and developed by Zoe Bray-Cotton, an internationally certified yoga instructor, personal trainer and female body transformation specialist. Zoe explains she saw the main misconceptions about yoga and decided to provide a solution to all these critical mistakes that can affect the person’s overall health in the long run...

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The Fat Obliterator System By Joseph Rosa – Full Review

Fat Obliterator

Created by Joseph Rosa, a personal trainer, sports nutritionist, and weight loss specialist, “Fat Obliterator” is a comprehensive weight loss program that contains valuable information on how to shed off unwanted fat, have a slimmer body, and improve the overall health in just a few short weeks - without the help of expensive slimming drugs, useless diet plans, or extreme exercises…

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Organic Total Body Reboot By Thomas Delauer – Full Review

Organic Total Body Reboot

The core of the Organic Total Body Reboot program is the “Day by Day diet plan”. This plan was designed in such way that will help you feel like a one-on-one training session and tells you everything about the foods that you can and can't eat to get rid of inflammation. In fact, in this guide Thomas Delauer goes into extreme detail into the chief causes...

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