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Progressive Yoga By Scott Sonnon – Our Complete Review

Progressive Yoga

In simple words, “Progressive Yoga” is designed to be a yoga program for people who aren’t into traditional yoga. This program was created by Scott Sonnon, a renowned trainer and adjunct professor of physical education at Penn State University. Scott Sonnon says he liked the idea of yoga, but wasn’t crazy about all the spiritual stuff that it comes with. He also wanted to create a yoga program that would really help people accomplish their fitness goals. With these goals in mind, Scott designed the Progressive Yoga system….

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Superhero Bulking Program By Greg O. – Our Full Review

Superhero Bulking Program

The Superhero Bulking Program is a new kind of workout program for men, created by the fitness expert Greg O’Gallagher. While most workout routines encourage you to lift the heaviest weights, spend a ton of time at the gym, and get as big as possible, the Superhero Bulking Program focuses on specific exercises that will give you the “superhero-like” physique seen in action movies and fitness magazines...

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14 Day Perfect Booty System By Alli Kerr – Complete Review

14 Day Perfect Booty

The focus of the 14 Day Perfect Booty system is to improve these areas: 1. The first area is the Erector Spinae muscles. When these muscles get weak, our butts droop. If we can get these muscles strong, they can hold our butts up to an attractive appearance. 2. The second area is the opposing muscles of the Erector Spinae. If they get too tight, they prevent the Erector Spinae muscles from working...

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Final Fat Meltdown By Dawn Sylvester – Complete Review

Final Fat Meltdown

Final Fat Meltdown is a fat loss program that was designed to help women over the age of 35 to lose belly fat, get a lean and toned look, and feel healthier and more energized. What’s particularly interesting is that the Final Fat Meltdown system promises to achieve these results in only 30 days – without any need for restrictive diets, starvation, or suffering through boring, painful workouts...

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Unapologetically Powerful Program By JVB – Full Review

Unapologetically Powerful

  Hello and welcome! Below you’ll find our complete review of “Unapologetically Powerful” by Jennifer Vogelgesang Blake. As always, we will get started with a general overview of the Unapologetically Powerful program, continue with information about its main pros and cons, and in the last sentences sum up everything which we feel can assist you to decide if Jennifer Vogelgesang ...

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50FIT System (Fit Over 50) By Fred W. Schafer – Full Review

50FIT System

“50FIT” is a unique program that targets a specific group of people which usually can’t follow the “mainstream” weight loss and fitness programs offered online. The creator, Fred W. Schafer, believes that just because you are over the age of 50 does not mean that you can't move your body and take great care of your health, and this is exactly what he tries to teach in his program…

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All-Belly Pregnancy By Flavia Del Monte – Complete Review

All-Belly Pregnancy

"All Belly Pregnancy" is a workout program that was designed specifically for pregnant women who want to keep off excess weight during pregnancy and to help their baby be healthy at the same time. This program was created by Flavia Del Monte, a famous nutritionist, a registered nurse and a personal trainer that has been featured in tons of fitness magazines and TV shows in the last several years…

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