Final Fat Meltdown By Dawn Sylvester – Complete Review

Fitness program for women by:
Dawn Sylvester

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On January 3, 2016
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This review of the Final Fat Meltdown program explains everything about this fat loss system by Dawn Sylvester and provides explanations about its pros and cons.

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Final Fat MeltdownHello ladies and welcome!

Below you’ll discover our full review of the Final Fat Meltdown program by Dawn Sylvester.

As always, we will start with an overview of the Final Fat Meltdown package, continue with explanations about its main positives and negatives, and in the last sentences summarize everything that we feel can help you decide if Dawn Sylvester’s fitness system is truly the best pick for you.

Should you have any additional question regarding the Final Fat Meltdown program, you can simply contact us and we’ll try to help…

Now, let’s start 🙂

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General Overview Of The Final Fat Meltdown Program

Quick Summary

Name: Final Fat Meltdown

Creator: Dawn Sylvester

Format: downloadable guides

Refund Guarantee: 60 days refund policy

Official Site:

Our Overall Rating: 4.2/5

Losing fat can be difficult for anyone, but it is even harder when you are in your late 30s. This is especially true when it comes to women who try to lose fat around their problem areas.

In simple words, that’s exactly what the Final Fat Meltdown program promises to help with. This fat loss program was designed to help women over the age of 35 to lose belly fat, get a lean and toned look, and feel healthier and more energized.

What’s particularly interesting is that the Final Fat Meltdown system promises to achieve these results in only 30 days – without any need for restrictive diets, starvation, or suffering through boring, painful workouts…

How The Fat Meltdown Program Works?

The Final Fat Meltdown works by triggering three hormones which help to shrink your belly fat, smooth out wrinkles, and skyrocket your metabolism – so you look younger, feel younger, and get leaner and more toned body easily.

Dawn Sylvester, a famous fat loss expert and the creator of the Final Fat Meltdown system, explains that what most women don’t realize is that their own bodies are fighting against them to accumulate fat once they reach a certain age.

Dawn says this is exactly why calorie counting and exercise feels like such a losing battle, and claims that while you could lose weight with the basic idea of calories in > calories out, it’s a very, very hard thing to do.

As a result, in her Final Fat Meltdown system Dawn Sylvester offers a diet plan that works with your body, instead of making life more difficult by fighting against it…

What Is Included In The Final Fat Meltdown Package?

Dawn Sylvester provides several components in her fat loss system and here is a short overview of each one of them:

  • The Final Fat Meltdown main guide that contains a step-by-step 30 day plan that includes everything Dawn Sylvester believes can help you lose those extra pounds while not being hungry.
  • The “Fat Torching Workouts” guide that offers different kinds of workouts which can be done at home in just around 20 minutes.
  • The “Fat Burning Meal Plan & Grocery List” guide that contains healthy and delicious meal plans for both your non-workout and workout days, as well as a useful grocery list that will help you take all the guesswork out of shopping.
  • A smoothie recipes guide that contains dozens of pre and post workout smoothies that were designed especially to help you get better results when following the Final Fat Meltdown program.
  • A short report that talks about several “hormone secrets” which will help you maximize your fat burning potential and understand why most diet plans on the market today simply don’t work…

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The Main Pros And Cons Of “Final Fat Meltdown”

Final Fat Meltdown review


The Things We Liked


Eat For Energy

In her Final Fat Meltdown program Dawn Sylvester teaches you diet principles that trigger fat burning hormones, so instead of feeling hungry all the time and struggling with exercise, you get to just relax and not have to worry about counting calories, trying to combine foods, or hunt for the few things on the ‘approved’ list for your diet.

No Pills Required

Unlike many other diet programs which demand that you take pills in order to suppress your appetite or block your body from digesting fat, the Final Fat Meltdown program is a “pill-free” fat loss system.

We believe that this is very important because of these things:

Appetite suppressants work great while you’re taking them – but you won’t learn what you should be eating, and as soon as you stop taking them you’ll go back to your old eating habits and regain all the weight you have lost. Who really wants to take pills for the rest of their life?

Fat blockers might teach you that eating certain kinds of food can be bad (you get some rather unpleasant side-effects if you eat fatty food while taking a fat blocker), but they can be dangerous in other ways. If you can’t absorb fat, that means you can’t absorb fat-soluble nutrients. Take fat blockers for too long and you could end up malnourished.

With the Final Fat Meltdown system you don’t need to worry about either of those problems.

Healthy And Lasting Solution

The Final Fat Meltdown program is a lasting solution, and it teaches you how to overcome the addictions that so many people develop to fatty, salty and sugary foods.

While fat and salt are not bad in and of themselves, and even sugar is OK in moderation, the makeup of processed foods these days tends to make it easy for people to over-indulge.

By learning how to break free from the cravings caused by eating processed foods, you can become a much healthier person, and you will find it easier to keep the weight off.

Many Other Side Benefits

There are a lot of side benefits associated with the results this program gives you. For example, you will feel younger, feel more confident, and even experience an increased sex drive.

In addition, because you are focused on boosting your metabolism and burning fat in a healthy way, you will enjoy lasting results and not only a “temporary fix”.

Dawn Sylvester Offers Full Money Back Guarantee

Similar to other legit fat loss programs, the Final Fat Meltdown system is backed by a full money back guarantee and Dawn Sylvester explains that if for any reason you won’t find the program helpful for you, you can contact her within two months and to get a full refund…


Potential Drawbacks


It Takes Commitment

When following the Final Fat Meltdown system you will need to be willing to pay attention to what you eat.

This doesn’t mean that certain foods are banned or that you will need to obsess over calories, however it does mean that you will need to make intelligent choices.

Don’t think you can eat whatever you want and have it work – that’s not what this program is about. You need to think about the time of the day, what you’re going to be doing, and what else you will be eating.

You can eat carbs, and you can even treat yourself from time to time – but moderation is an important key to your success with the program.

It Isn’t Well Known

The Final Fat Meltdown program is not a very well-known fat loss program, yet. Now, you may be wondering why this could be considered a con.

Well, if you think about it, when you go on one of the popular diet programs online you have a huge support network of other people who can encourage you and keep you sticking to their rules.

The rules of some diets might not be right for lasting weight loss, but at least there are other people who know what they are.

Since the Final Fat Meltdown program is new to the market, you won’t find a big support group, unless you encourage your friends and family to try it with you.

With that said, the good news is that the plan is easy to follow, so we believe you shouldn’t need too much support from strangers. You aren’t relying on willpower alone, either, because the core of the diet isn’t spending hours in the gym while you’re feeling really hungry.

100% Digital Fat Loss System

the Final Fat Meltdown program is offered only as a digital product for now and you will get an access to all the items that Dawn Sylvester offers immediately after your purchase.

While most people won’t have any problem with that, it can still be a downside for you if you prefer holding a real book in your hands…

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Conclusions And Final Thoughts

Dawn Sylvester Final Fat Meltdown

Overall, the Final Fat Meltdown program is an easy to understand, effective and practical fat loss system for women that you will probably enjoy following.

In our opinion, the best thing about this program is that it will help you feel better and get the body that you have always wanted, with the youthful vigor and energy to match, and without having to get surgery or take expensive pills and supplements.

Of course, there are many other weight loss programs on the market that are more comprehensive than this one, however considering the very affordable price and all the material that Dawn Sylvester provides, we personally believe that the Final Fat Meltdown program offers a great value for money.

Bottom line: we will recommend getting this program and giving it a 30-day risk free try. If for any reason you feel that it is not for you, simply contact Dawn Sylvester and ask her for a refund…

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