Mike Whitfield’s Diet Free Weekends Solution – Full Review

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Mike Whitfield

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On January 11, 2016
Last modified:January 11, 2016


This review of the Diet Free Weekends Solution explains everything about this diet program by Mike Whitfield and provides information about its pros and cons.

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Diet Free Weekends SolutionHello friend and welcome!

Below you’ll find our complete review of the Diet Free Weekends Solution by Mike Whitfield.

As usual, we will begin with a general overview of the Diet Free Weekends Solution program, continue with information regarding its main benefits and drawbacks, and in the final section sum up everything which we feel can assist you to decide if Mike Whitfield’s system is truly the right pick for you.

Should you have any additional question regarding the Diet Free Weekends Solution, simply contact us and we’ll try to help…

Now, let’s start 🙂

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General Overview Of The Diet Free Weekends Solution

Quick Summary

Name: Diet Free Weekends Solution

Creator: Mike Whitfield

Format: Downloadable guides

Refund Guarantee: 60 days refund policy

Official Site: dietfreeweekends.com

Our Overall Rating: 3.8/5

“The Diet Free Weekends Solution” is a new diet program that was created by the professional fitness expert and well-known author, Mike Whitfield.

In simple words, this program shows you how you can easily lose 3 pounds in a week and then enjoy the foods you really love on weekends. Many of us have heard about one “cheat day” a week on many diets, but seldom we hear about a diet that allows you to cheat for an entire weekend.

For many people who have tried different diet programs over the years, weekends are a very complex and difficult time on a diet. Often, people find it easy to stick to a diet plan during the week, but when the weekend hits temptation is often culprit of dieters breaking their routine.

Mike Whitfield says that this is exactly why he created the Diet Free Weekends Solution, and he explains that his system can assist in treating different aspects such as temptation and guilt that many dieters experience.

However, the interesting thing about this particular weight loss system is that the solution is not centered on a “diet.”

Instead, the Diet Free Weekends Solution consists of 3 very important tricks that when used in the correct manner can promote consistent and fast weight loss. More specifically, the program focuses on enjoying preferred foods without the guilt and without jeopardizing your weight loss goals as well as your health.

It is also important to say that the Diet Free Weekends Solution program uses the main concepts related to “interval training”…

About Mike Whitfield

More fondly known as Mr. Pancakes or Mikey, Mike Whitfield is no newcomer when it comes to the health and fitness industry. In fact, Mike has been a dedicated fitness expert for around 10 years and has contributed to various popular resources like Men’s Health.

He even won votes for being the trainer of the year, and this is just a bit of proof as to why he really knows what he is doing or talking about…

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The Main Pros And Cons Of The Diet Free Weekends Solution

Diet Free Weekends Solution review


The Things We Liked


Allows You To Eat At The Hardest Time

The obvious advantage of this system is that it allows you to eat everything that you really love at the hardest time of a diet, which is usually weekends.

Weekends are typically the main culprit as to why so many people abandon their diet plan. This system teaches techniques on how to eat properly, so you can avoid eating away the progress you have worked so hard for during the week.

Backed Up By Science

Another important advantage associated with the Diet Free Weekends Solution system is that it is backed up by different studies and science. We always love to see real facts that support such programs, and we believe that this is a big plus.

Also Teaches You How To Control Your Emotions

Emotions play a very important role when it comes to dieting and they can often cause us to lose control and end up snacking on food types that are considered to be bad while on a healthy eating plan.

Mike Whitfield covers this topic in great detail in his program, and explains what you can do to control this kind of emotions.

Comprehensive Package

In addition to the main nutrition manual that contains all the info you need to know in order to get the best results from this program, the Diet Free Weekends Solution package also contains several other items.

This includes a quick start guide, success & tracking journal and two bonus reports that most people will find very useful.

60-Day Refund Guarantee Is Offered By Mike

The Diet Free Weekends Solution comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, so anyone who may be skeptical about it can simply try the program without the risk of losing out on money.

In other words, if you try out the program and after several weeks feel that it is not working for you, all you basically need to do is send Mike Whitfield an email and ask him for a full refund…


Potential Drawbacks


There Are Still Some Restrictions

One of the cons related to this program is that it talks about food types that include pizza, ice cream and cookies that get your appetite going.

However, this is not really a bad thing as this system caters for specific cravings and will teach you how to eat foods very similar to the food types that you crave.

No Videos

Another potential drawback related to the Diet Free Weekends Solution is that it is text-based only, which means that Mike Whitfield doesn’t offer any video material in the program.

100% Digital

It is also important to note that the Diet Free Weekends Solution program is 100% digital. This means you don’t have to wait for the delivery, and once you have paid for it, all the material is immediately available for you to use.

This might or might not be a disadvantage, depends on your own preferences…

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Conclusions And Final Thoughts

Mike Whitfield Diet Free Weekends

The Diet Free Weekends Solution is a unique program that shows people how to achieve their weight loss and health goals without feeling completely deprived. This system teaches effective methods to snack on those “forbidden” foods in the correct manner and to ensure that the taste buds are satisfied, and more importantly the dieter.

This is no secret that food is often considered to be a big hurdle for many individuals and it is one of the main factors related to weight gain. Mike Whitfield understands this very well and shows you how food can be viewed in a positive way by teaching you ways to eat your favorite foods without regressing backwards on your health and fitness goals.

This is a huge advantage compared to other weight loss programs, and something that we personally believe is extremely important.

In addition, the fact that this diet allows for snacking on weekends without having any major effect on your weight loss goals is another big plus.

Overall, although the few cons mentioned above, we truly believe that the Diet Free Weekends Solution can be a great option for all of these people who always find it hard sticking to a weight loss program for more than a few weeks.

It is much easier to follow this diet plan, and considering that Mike Whitfield is offering a 60-day money back guarantee, we personally think that this program is at least worth a try…

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