Skinny Gene Trigger System By Janice Miller – Full Review

Weight loss system by:
Janice Miller

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On March 27, 2016
Last modified:August 5, 2016


This review of the Skinny Gene Trigger System explains everything about this weight loss program by Janice Miller and provides explanations about its main pros and cons.

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Skinny Gene Trigger SystemHey ladies and welcome!

Below you will find our full review of the “Skinny Gene Trigger” by Janice Miller.

As usual, we will start with a general overview of the Skinny Gene Trigger system, continue with information about its main positives and negatives, and in the last sentences sum up everything which we feel can assist you to decide if Janice Miller’s program is really the best choice for you.

Let’s begin 🙂

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General Overview Of The Skinny Gene Trigger System

Quick Summary

Name: Skinny Gene Trigger

Creator: Janice Miller

Format: Downloadable guide

Refund Guarantee: 60 days refund policy

Official Site:

Our Overall Rating: 3.4/5

In simple words, “Skinny Gene Trigger” is a weight-loss program that promises to help you shed pounds fast, without going on a crazy crash diet or doing tons of exercise daily.

The Skinny Gene Trigger system was designed by a woman named Janice Miller. Janice explained she struggled with being overweight all her life, even though she had a twin sister who was always skinny.

Janice began to investigate the causes behind her struggles with weight. She did some research and learned that scientists have already identified a “fat gene”, known as FTO, which causes some people to stay overweight while others lose weight easily.

In some people, the FTO gene is mutated, and it can send signals to your body, telling it to store extra energy as fat. Scientists have also found ways that this gene can be “turned off”, so your body will burn that extra energy instead.

The key to turning off this fat gene is through something called amino acid cycling, a special kind of “diet” that doesn’t require calorie restriction or exercise. Basically, you just have to eat specific foods at certain times of day.

After experimenting with amino acid cycling, Janice developed the Skinny Gene Trigger system that fully explains how to achieve this amino acid cycling and lose weight quickly.

In the program, you’ll follow two steps – first, you’ll learn which foods you need to consume and when to eat them. In the second step, you’ll change up your amino acid cycle to kick your fat-burning into overdrive.

This is, in a nutshell, what you can expect to learn in the Skinny Gene Trigger program…

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The Main Pros And Cons Of The Skinny Gene Trigger System

Skinny Gene Trigger Review


The Things We Liked


Lose Weight Quickly

The Skinny Gene Trigger system was designed to work fast. For a few days, you probably won’t notice a change. However, based on our research online, after a week or so, you should start losing weight like crazy (Janice claims she herself lost over 50 pounds in just a few months.)

No Crazy Diet Or Exercise

There are lots of fad diets and intense exercise programs out there that claim to help you lose weight. But these are usually hard to follow and the foods you’re required to eat taste like cardboard.

On the other hand, the Skinny Gene Trigger system allows you to eat real, delicious food and still lose weight.

Improve Your Overall Health

The methods used in the Skinny Gene Trigger system don’t just cause your body to burn fat. You’ll also sleep better, have more energy, and even help your body fight off disease.

The FTO gene that the Skinny Gene Trigger shows you how to turn off is responsible for all kinds of ailments, so once you turn it off, you should notice you feel better all-around.

It’s Inexpensive (And Can Save You Money)

The Skinny Gene Trigger system doesn’t cost a fortune, unlike some weight-loss programs. Plus, if you’re currently paying for an expensive gym membership or buying all kinds of weight-loss supplements, you know that these things don’t always work and the costs can add up.

The good news is that you only have to pay for the Skinny Gene Trigger program once, and it doesn’t cost that much as well.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Janice Miller explains that if her Skinny Gene Trigger system doesn’t work for you, or you just don’t like it for any reason, you can get a full 100% refund anytime in the first 60 days after your purchase…


Potential Drawbacks


Only Available Online As A Downloadable Guide

The Skinny Gene Trigger system is only available for purchase online, and once you pay for it, you will get immediate access to all the material.
If you prefer a hard-copy edition, then the bad news is that you won’t find one.

Not For Everyone

The Skinny Gene Trigger system by Janice Miller is designed for a specific group of people – women who are overweight. While it might work for some men and can help any woman lose weight, this program causes rapid weight loss and isn’t recommended for those who only have a few pounds to lose…

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Conclusions And Final Thoughts

Janice Miller Skinny Gene

If you are a woman who needs to lose a lot of weight and wants to do it quickly yet safely, the Skinny Gene Trigger system by Janice Miller can be a great program for you.

Based on our research online, it seems it works pretty fast and makes weight-loss simple and easy when compared to other complicated weight loss programs.

Overall, there is no doubt that this program is not the best on the market, however it is still a great resource for any woman who has struggled with her weight and wondered why other women stay skinny with no effort. Best of all, if you find that it doesn’t work for you, Janice Miller’s 60-day money back guarantee ensures you won’t lose anything…

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